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  1. Igor Riđanović

    Resolve apps from Meta Fide

    I've thoroughly embraced the new scripting feature in Resolve (Studio) 15 and just published two desktop apps for Resolve. One app is called Projector and is used to create complex projects from templates. It offers time saving automation features that go beyond what you can normally do in Resolve. Unless you do it manually, of course. The other one is called The @ Button. It actually works with Resolve (free) 12 or above. It turns the most recent gallery still into ASCII art you can copy and paste as text. You can learn more about each app at www.metafide.com. There are several videos demonstrating the use of the apps. This one covers the Projector basic use.
  2. Igor Riđanović

    Fixing makeup in grading session.

    It's certainly possible. But if they had no budget or inclination to do a decent make job in production, they will certainly not be able to afford it in post production.
  3. Igor Riđanović

    Gamma correction

    Yes, the display set for 2.4 gamma will require the incoming signal to have inverse gamma of 1/2.4. Here's more from Poynton: http://sites.biology.duke.edu/johnsenlab/pdfs/tech/gammaFAQ.pdf
  4. Igor Riđanović

    Resolve Collect 3.2 released

    Resolve's internal media management tool will stop when it encounters an offline clip.
  5. Igor Riđanović

    Media offline on DaVinci Resolve timeline

    It's odd though because my media is stored on a very high bandwidth SAN. What's the practical workaround for this? Throttle down the render speed maybe?
  6. Igor Riđanović

    Media offline on DaVinci Resolve timeline

    On occasion I see the equivalent of this on the delivery page. The final output will have a missing frame. I think what happens is that somehow renderer outpaces the supply of source media.
  7. Igor Riđanović

    Baselight for Avid

    My main issue is that it has to be applied to each clip as an effect. You can't just advance to the next clip, or any clip in the sequence. You always have to drag and drop the effect. This is not a weakness of the plugin but merely the way Media Composer FX presets work.
  8. Igor Riđanović

    DNxHD player

    Play is great. I think the pay version of Telestream Switch can also play DNxHD inside MXF. I use Switch mainly in place of QT player.