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  1. Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. So, I am receiving the final comp with the foreground and background applied, and an external matte to affect only the background. The issue is, when I bring the comp to the timeline and apply the CST, CDL and LUT from the client, everything is affected, therefore I'm working on the external matte already with some changes. I was wondering if, with this files I have (final comp and ext. matte) I would be able to work on the background without being affected by the CST and etc.
  2. Hi everyone. I am receiving comps from Nuke to bring them into Resolve. I'll try to explain how and what they are: It's a car shot of a woman driving in a green screen, which has been replaced with a street in the bg. What I want to do and I am not being able to is to apply a CST, CDL and a LUT only to the foreground, and not to the image that replaced the green screen. And then do a color grade to this alpha channel (the street) separately. I tried bringing in only the BG as a alpha channel, but I believe I am not doing it the right way. Any thoughts on how this process should be done? Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. Thank you!