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  1. Thanks. I was using the panel on an earlier Mac and it had the same behavior. Maybe I'll try out giving it a static IP. Even in their support documentation they talk about the order of turning things on to get it working, and once you figure that out do it that way.... I got it working more or less. It's buggy. I'm just saying it's kind of sad that there is a pretty nice panel out there that is heading toward E-waste because I actually like using it. I will say that the M1 was a combination of thrills and disappointments. I mainly got it for using Resolve which supports it, so it's doing what I wanted, and it rocks with Resolve. I am bummed that I found out BM Intensity Extreme didn't work and After Effects doesn't output to monitor or run natively due to lack of support from Adobe and BM. And Avid.... I would have thought that they would have been moving a lot more quickly to get these things working. But the M1 was so freaking cheap and working great with Resolve I really shouldn't complain. It definitely has it's limitations though.
  2. I picked up a Avid Artist Color Surface on Ebay for $600. It's actually pretty nice... if you can get it working. The wheels have a very nice feel to them. The driver software looks like something from the 80's and it's not supported by Avid anymore, although I do have it running on an M1 Big Sur with Resolve. It's cool when it's working but can get frustrating to connect, and keep connected to the software sometimes. It's so sad that it's really a fantastic panel for the money but Avid basically dumped it and there are so many of them out there. I think the Blackmagic panels are grossly overpriced... and they only work with Resolve. My Avid Artist Color has been good to learn on but I have my eye on the Blackmagic Mini Panel if I wind up getting more serious or making money at it. What a rip-off for 3K though.... Still it's the closest thing to the big one I see in pro color suites if you want to try to move up to professional level with Resolve. You could probably fake your way through the big panel if you know the Mini well enough.