The visual appearance of skin

The visual appearance of skin


People are usually the central point of every scene in motion pictures. As we are constantly surrounded by people, we are extremely familiar with skin tones and very sensitive to even the slightest inconsistencies. 

In addition, regularly changing technology and the increasing possibilities in color grading have made it a difficult task to achieve proper skin tones. During film production, skin passes through many stages and different scenarios will need different decisions and adjustments. 

In order to gain a deeper understanding of how the visual appearance of skin is created, reproduced and shaped, I have written a paper that explores the different influences on skin which contribute to its final look. This paper is neither to be seen as a tutorial for colorists on how to edit skin, nor does it claim completeness. It rather constitutes a broad survey, based on detailed, actual experience of numerous professionals within the field.

DOWNLOAD: The Visual Appearance Of Skin In Motion Picure by Marina Starke

The paper includes insights from Sean Coleman, Kath Raisch, Asa Shoul, Andreas Bruckl, Adam Inglis, Alexis Van Hurkman, Andy Minuth, Kevin Shaw, and many more.


Marina Starke,


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