Colored by Tyler Roth



The DP, Mike Bove reached out to me initially. We had collaborated on commercial work earlier and have been friends for years now and this was his first feature. He sent over a few scenes to see if I would be interested and I was on board right away, both intrigued by the visuals he’d captured but also the performances.

Those familiar with the movie will remember the brief conversation between John and Danny when John pulls alongside Danny’s car. Simple shot reverse shot and the performances draw you in. I was hooked just from watching that scene.

Two distinct looks

Steven, the director really wanted this movie to be two different story lines that collide at the end, so we worked to create two complimentary looks that both worked within the same world. Each look was unique but didn’t feel disjointed and they have a shared softness.

I sharpened the grain and not the image itself to dial in the texture I wanted

- Tyler Roth -

Mike provided some initial frames but we really built up these looks together over the course of a few ‘set looks’ sessions. Trying a few things and settling on the right amount of separation between the two looks.

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