Coloured by Paul Ensby



I was introduced to The Man From U.N.C.L.E during pre-shoot tests by long time collaborator DP and friend, John Mathieson BSC. He was put in control of creating the MFU look. We analyzed each scene with the overall style and the atmosphere his funky lenses created in mind. We worked together to come up with something we both liked for each scene.The look of the movie was inspired by the Sixties colourful Kodachrome feel: saturated colours but never 'digital', and natural, healthy skin tones. Guy Ritchie commented and approved during the final grade process.

When using an LUT it's important not to be afraid of the harsh contrast that can occur in some scenes depending on how they are lit. It's perfectly natural!

- Paul Ensby -

Film print emulation look

Both John and myself prefer the film print emulation look as a base, so we took the Alexa 3k RAW Log file and applied a bespoke LUT. I had tweaked and developed this LUT over the course of the last few years to emulate in tone and curve exactly what an original negative print would achieve. It creates a healthy starting point to work with the images. When using an LUT it's important not to be afraid of the harsh contrast that can occur in some scenes. It’s perfectly natural!

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