Colored by Adam Scott


I was introduced to Guinness ‘Sapeurs’ when the director, Nicolai Fuglsig of MJZ, and the editor Rick Russell, of Final Cut, came in for the grade. The commercial was shot on RED and already looked incredible thanks to the work of director of photography Alwin Kuchler.

Our vision was to retain the beautiful, photographic, and cinematic quality that already existed in the film. I wanted to use a bold but graphic grade to boost the colour whilst protecting the finer details. The key was to retain contrasting light and colour to guide the viewer to the action. Another crucial aspect was to guide the viewer’s gaze into what I want them to look at. The drawing of the eye works exactly as it would with a painting and can be done through lightening, darkening, pushing and pulling colours to create depth.

The first and foremost core skill a decent colourist needs is patience

- Adam Scott -

I set the first balance and that was a critical step in the process, as the image can really make or break at that point. I also used primary controls and curves to set the proper exposure. Once a good exposure was set, I built a good base layer of contrast using primary controls and curves, retaining crucial picture information. I used elements of a custom film emulation.

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