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  1. HI ,

    How did you like Marks node tree ..  he is always great.  Im new back to this stuff .. i used to work telecine dalies .. onthe old  consoles..  we have so may tools now its realy exciting.. im startign from scratch .. again .. film was easy to grade back then .  as the lab really had things  down . we did 4 shows a night two series and two  features . (  just a basic grade primary ballance )  we recorded every shot live to a tape ( digiBeta) from the telecine then we flew the worktapes on a cargo flight with frozen fish  from  Vancouver to LA for the editors to start at 8 am the next day .. so our facility was called gastown post and transfer  ( Rainmaker ) nots its Deluxe Media and they added C03 guys and lots of us colorist had to move on .   Good luck.