Avid Media Composer Assistant Training




W elcome to our online Avid Media Composer Assistant Editor Training, led by renowned industry expert Kevin P. McAuliffe. If you're an aspiring assistant editor, or a filmmaker looking to strengthen your post-production skills this training is tailor-made for you.

In this comprehensive course, we'll equip you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to excel as an assistant editor using Avid Media Composer. The training covers all essential aspects of assistant work, with a special focus on conform tasks, challenges and obstacles, and seamless round tripping with DaVinci Resolve.

About the instructor

Kevin P. McAuliffe is a renowned expert in post-production, specializing in Avid Media Composer and Davinci Resolve. With extensive experience, he's a sought-after instructor known for his clear teaching style and practical insight. 

Kevin is not only an instructor but also a working professional in industry forums, an active participant on conferences and events. Kevin's engagement with the larger editing community allows him to stay connected and continuously refine his understanding of the evolving editing landscape.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Avid Editors
  • Aspiring Assistant Editors
  • Post-production artists

Lessons overview

  • 01: Source settings and link setups
  • 02: Frameflex and transcoding
  • 03: Decompose, relinking and final transcoding
  • 04: Grade before LUT and utilizing camera frame rates
  • 05: Creating dailies in resolve and AVID round-tripping
  • 06: Various frame rates when round-tripping
  • 07: List tool and creating spreadsheets with timeline information


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