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  1. hallo to everyone and good rest of summer! Here are some pictures of what's going on in the atmosphere of Kavala city in Greece. from the factories mainly the fertilizers but also the oils that work non-stop day and night. You can't stand around there. With a motorbike you pass and you throttle to get out of the area and with a car you close windows. Great insight into how the inhabitants live there. How much does the world work in there... ? Here's the relevant video
  2. hallo to everybody! i made this relaxing video of a magical place in the woods at north Greece. Place located at Palia Kavala village into the mountain. waterfall isnt the greatest but the trail is something else! enjoy !
  3. hello from Greece!heres a small music video with my Yamaha Tenere xt660z and sony a7iii camera.made at hills of north Greece with Thassos island for view.A great sunny day and an excellent point of view.enjoy the video
  4. Good evening to everyone! First of all i wish to all of you to be good at your health and to be calm with this new think, the virus. I want to be optimist that thinks could be better the next days.. by the way here is a video with Sony A7iii in very old workshop hith a hardworking man behind the scenes. Tamron 28 75 lens i use with dji ronin sc gimbal. After 3.30 minute footages are in lower light environment. Enjoy the Workshop here
  5. An abandoned village at Kavala city, Greece, called Palios (old) Xerias. i think this color granding is ok or i miss something? except some little points that is overexposed here is my try