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  1. Great, I just spent $38 for shipping to Mexico. *Im a sucker for books* Thanks for that!
  2. Hello! In case you don't already know, your eye glasses that have anti-glare do cause a slight color shift. To see this easily, look at something bright or white and raise your glasses back and forth. I use glasses without antiglare to grade, however it helps when grading with clients who don't know and they seem to see everything with a green or magenta bias. Just a heads up:)
  3. I second "If it's purple someone's gonna die" Not psychology, but an interesting read... "Color: A Natural History of the Palette" -Victoria Finlay
  4. Love your work! These corrections animations are a great idea:)
  5. Love your work! These corrections animations are a great idea:)
  6. I love this! This is how I started and I was thinking it was a lost art. People watching YouTube Video tutorials and claiming to be colorists or even senior colorists right out of the gate. The foundation that being an assistant colorist gives you is unparalleled. Not only learning things from the ground up, but also those bonds you form with people which can propel you into the next level. Its been the most incredible and humbling journey of my life! Thank you for sharing!
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    I was wondering the same thing!