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Hello all. As the tittle states, I'm looking to finally upgrade my editing suite with a dedicated reference monitor. While I've seen a few posts on budget models here, I know there have been a few potential updates in the monitor field recently and wanted to see if anyone had extra opinions on the matter.

My price range would be at most near the Eizo CG319X (so around $5,800) but wanted to hear opinions on whether that would be the best bet or if I should go with the Flanders route. I also have seen a bit on the newer ASUS Pro Art monitors that can have consistent 1000nits brightness with reasonable color space accuracy (based on the specs anyway, I know computer monitors that weren't intentionally made for referencing can be a bit of a dice roll; thus the asking of opinions).

Of course, if there any other options I should look into, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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