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Hello All,

I have just purchased an FSI DM240 for my home grading suite. The out of the box calibration is fantastic and I have been having a great time working on it, but there is one thing that I am hoping someone with a little bit more expertise could shed some light on for me. 

In the Color Management section of the menu there is a setting for Luminance Mode with 4 options: Standard, Studio, Outdoor, and Custom. I am unsure if I should be working in Standard or Studio. Studio Mode appears to just have a higher peak luminance while retaining overall brightness and contrast. The Standard Mode seems to be a dampened in the highlights, especially when compared to the output on a computer monitor (This is only important as a lot of the content I work on is for Web), Where as the Studio Mode has brighter highlights. From what I have read you should just leave the settings as is and work with FSI monitors right out of the box, but the standard mode just seems a bit dark. Since this is my home suite, the lighting conditions aren't perfect, but they aren't horrendous either.

My question is which one of these is "accurate" and which one should I use? Or should I use a custom luminance value? Do the numbers correspond to nits? And, What is the correct peak nit output for rec 709?

I am a newbie to professional monitoring (this FSI is my first), though I have done a fair amount of research, so if any of my questions are misguided please correct me!



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5 hours ago, Jussi Rovanperä said:

Standard is 100 nits, just leave it like that.

Thanks, I appreciate the response! 

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