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How close can I be to a 55" OLED?

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Hi folks,

Without the budget for a professional Flanders or Sony reference, I've been looking into a calibrated OLED. As of now, I have my eyes on the LG CX series. I'm interested in the 48", but strangely enough, the 55" is quite a bit cheaper.

Does anyone have experience with working with a 55"? How far away should I sit to be at least somewhat comfortable?

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If you look at 'official' figures, it's around  2.35 m (7.7 feet) for 55 inch and 2.08 m (6.7 feet) for 48 inch monitors.

There was a recent YouTube video by Linus Tech Tips where they looked at the  LG CX 48" . Quite a bit of the video was judging the monitor from a gamer's perspective, but there's some info about viewing distances and how Game mode screws up the colour accuracy.


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