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Online Session hosted by Mazze Aderhold
Wednesday, July 8th
10am Los Angeles | 1pm New York | 7pm Berlin

Register here:


What is this online event about?

In this online session we will show you how to use Assimilate Live Assist to boost your on-set workflow and adapt to an era of social distancing and fewer bodies on the set. Whether it’s live grading, live green screen replacement, multi-cam recording & playback or using Live Assist as a Media-hub to live-stream out multiple camera feeds, or instant-review footage and grades from any phone, tablet or laptop near-set. We will also have Stefan King from Difference Live Streaming, showing us the latest developments of their private low-latency streaming platform, and how to use it with Live Assist.


Live Assist On-Set Workflow:

• Example setup with 2 cameras
• Live grading both camera feeds
• Live effects & green screen replacement
• (auto-) recording and playback of camera feeds
• Set up Multi-Cam Live Stream from Live Assist
• Use of on-screen annotations to communicate with remote clients
• Thatcher Kelley from showing how to stream to a secure private platform
• Built-in http web interface for local on-set instant review of recorded clips and grades
• Generating reports and grade index for post houses
• Post Workflow for dailies
• Short- and Mid-term plans for Live Assist
• Q&A


The event is free for all attendees.

The content is designed for DITs and Video Assists.
We will also record the event for you to watch later.
Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:

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Slight update here: We will have Thatcher Kelley from with us tomorrow, showing multi-cam live streaming through this new platform. It's gonna be pretty awesome 🙂 .

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