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Budget Grading Monitors

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I suppose it depends on what your needs are. I'm assuming at that budget range non-4K non-HDR?

The Flanders DM250 is great, and hits right at $8000. 24.5 inches, OLED. Their customer support is also fantastic.  I work on an older CM320 from them and love it.

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I was also looking at the Tvlogic Lem 205 A

In the last few months I worked quite a while with both FSI DM250 and the Tvlogic

And the Tvlogic it's definitely not bad at all. The price range it's similar if not a little cheaper then the FSI DM250


As a personal monitor for my home color room and freelance jobs I was thinking to get the FSI DM240, it's led and not oled.

Does anyone have any experience with it, would you suggest it?

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Hi guys,

Is there any solution for monitor calibration when you are living in a country where there are no calibration professional? An automatic calibration solution?

(with there own spectrometer and such)

I was thinking about the Eizo CG279 X with the integrated calibration tool. My budget is $4000-$5000.


Thank you. ^^

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On 3/4/2021 at 8:51 AM, Konvision Monitors said:

If you have any questions about Konvision Monitor, feel free to let me know. Your any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention.

Who is your reseller in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg or in Germany? 

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I believe it would depend on your needs. At that price point, I'm thinking non-4K and non-HDR?

The Flanders DM250 is excellent and costs $8,000. OLED, 24.5 inches. Their customer service is also excellent. I adore working on an older CM320 from them.

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