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Baselight, student version

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FilmLight announces free Baselight STUDENT

At NAB2017, FilmLight will preview their latest product, Baselight STUDENT, a software-only macOS application that answers the call from a growing number of facilities for trained Baselight colourists and assistants. The new offering allows experienced or future talent to move up to Baselight with support from FilmLight.


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11 hours ago, Abby Bader said:

It's a shame it's only available on the sinking ship. 

It's certainly a confusing time for Mac users. At the beginning of the year, it definitely looked as if many had decided to switch to PC for their high-end workstations. Then Apple announce their intention to produce a new Mac Pro (sometime in the future), and now Baselight tease them with  their student version, but only on the Mac OS!

Seems like a slightly curious decision on Filmlight's part - I wonder if they intend to release a PC version in the future?

I'm guessing there's a few more people taking another look at the possibilities of a Hackintosh.

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Filmlight has always had a mac version for macbooks. Now they have a conform and assist version, not to mention Daylight as well, all running on Macs. It´s not like they spent several years developing this student version. 

Also, do not forget, mac osx is based on unix.

It´s certainly hard to be a mac user nowadays but it is a tad less hard because of the recent annoucements. 

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You are probably right that this was an easy customization, but no software developer today should ignore the fact that OSX is loosing customers to Windows users. I'm looking forward to hear what they have in mind for that potential user base as well. 

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