Creative Boost: Dailies done on SCRATCH

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Online Session hosted by Mazze Aderhold
Wednesday, May 20th
10am Los Angeles | 1pm New York | 7pm Berlin

Register here:


What is this online event about?

This online session we will not only highlight why you want to do dailies in SCRATCH, but also show you how to do it. Mazze will walk you through the complete dailies process – from import to export, incl. all the advantages that come with it. You’ll walk out of this online session, fully prepared to start a dailies job on SCRATCH. Also we will have Ansgar from the COPRA team to show the latest features for v5 their web dailies platform!


Dailies in SCRATCH:

• settings & project creation
• importing clips
• offloading
• import of ALE/EDL
• Media Browser Tool
• LUT/CDL loading & matching
• audio sync (TC-based + manual sync) incl. LTC
• metadata QC + Scene/Take
• dailies grading + RAW decode options
• color management (i.e. monitor HDR and SDR side by side)
• timeline automation
• output tree with different deliverables and metadata burn-ins
• output filenaming + preset creation
• render check / QC reports
• import offline clips into Avid, incl. all clip metadata
• COPRA Dailies Platform - new Version Demo
• Q&A


The event is free for all attendees.

The content is designed for DITs, colorists and finishing artists.
We will also record the event for you to watch later.
Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:





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Just added a small bit: We will also get to enjoy a short demo (incl. Q&A) of the latest version of COPRA web dailies platform,
by Ansgar Krützmann of CinePost in Berlin :)🙂 !

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