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preserving time and space of clip in timeline when replacing with a different clip

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If this questions was posted in the past I would appreciate a link to it.

I have many cuts on the timeline with different angles and keyframes and all the files comes basically from the same original clip.

Now, I want to take a certain cut from the timeline, and replace the same time and location of that cut, with the same time and place from the original clip.

So ideally, I could take the entire original clip, drop it on the space in the timeline, where I want to remove a certain cut, and the system will recognize the in/out in the timeline and replace the removed clip with the exact section in time from the original clip.

Is this possible?

I appreciate your response and have a great day


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In the Edit Module, mark the original clip in the media pool and the clip on the timeline, then right click the thumb and choose "force conform". 

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