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The power of Ai & Picture Post Production

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The business of Picture Post Production was since its start directly linked to the technology involved in the process. Sometimes they are so intertwined that it is impossible to separate them. From the early days of photo-chemical film processing to Digital Intermediate, from Film Cutting to Avid Editing, from optical effects to ray tracing. We can say without a doubt that each new technology brought a change and has made a shift within the industry. Ultimately, each new technology has made the impossible possible. 

One of those technologies that have brought an incredible amount of excitement and promise for a great new wave of change was Ai. And we don't need a crystal ball to recognize that incredible advances in Ai, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision have opened doors for new ways of working. 

This Colorist Meetup will try to answer one burning question at this moment. 


How far are we with the development of Ai tools for the post-production, and are they ready and accessible to be used in real-world productions toady?


Our special guest for the evening will be Alex Arce - product specialist from Autodesk who will be showing us what new Flame has got to offer and how far have they been able to push Ai tools. And Flame tools are considered to be the industry best!


Alex is an industry veteran who founded renowned broadcast design and animation firm Arce+Kwan. Later in 2012 has launched Dtouch color department that was responsible for high-end fashion projects led by some of the world's greatest artists and photographers, including Inez & Vinoodh, Steven Meisel, and Tim Richardson.


At Autodesk, he collaborated with the development team to consolidate his years of developing his procedural retouching techniques into the highly regarded A2Beauty tool shipped with Flame.


We are looking forward to having Alex as a guest at our meetup.

Please note that this is going to be our first Virtual Meetup. Originally we have been running Colorist Meetups in Los Angeles and New York, and now we are taking it to live on Youtube.




Our mission is to bring together Colorists, DITs, Workflow Supervisors, Cinematographers and anyone working with Color and Digital Image manipulation for Motion Pictures.

We meet to discuss the art and science of color grading. We learn about the latest developments in software and hardware and meet manufacturers, ask questions and give feedback. We get access to exclusive previews of upcoming features, play, touch and look at the latest tools. During TNT (Tips'n'Tricks) sessions we share our knowledge and experience and see presentations from leading industry names on subjects of Color Grading, Color Science, ACES, HDR, Dolby Vision and future of digital image manipulation.


Colorist Meetup is a unique opportunity to socialize and meet other colorists, directors and producers looking for colorists. We bring together the biggest names in Color Grading for Film as well as people starting up in a friendly and supportive environment. Colorist Meetup is a fertile ground for all interested in advancing their career in the process of life long learning.



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