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"Color only" LUT application

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Hi All. I recently found out that in Resolve you can apply only the Color, Contrast or Saturation from a .cube LUT, individually.

Is there a way to do this in Baselight? I would love to be able to set my basic grade and then only apply the color characteristics of the LUT, if possible.


Thank you in advance!


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Hi Darren,

do you mean to apply LUTs via the legacy blend modes (Colour, Luminosity, etc.)? I think that is a bad idea for various reasons. 
Here are three:
1. The common blend modes were made using 709 colour math and are not optimised for modern wide gamut spaces.
2. Critical components of LUTs are missing when only the colour is applied. Print film emulations for example darken saturated colours a lot. This is one of the key components of these looks. When applied through a colour blend mode, these parts are missing.
3. There is a risk of colour noise artefacts.

Nevertheless here is how I would do it in Baselight:
Put a LUT operator inside a layer and set the input and output colour space of the LUT accordingly.
Then in the layer flow graph use one of the settings from the screenshots. Both will apply only the "colour component" of the layer. The result blending slider works differently between both. In the one with the Colour blend mode and LUT on the 'B' branch, the slider will mix between no LUT applied (left) and LUT with Colour blend mode (right). In the other one with the Luminosity blend mode and LUT on the 'A' branch the slider will mix between Full LUT applied (left) and LUT with Colour blend mode (right).


Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 00.07.24.png

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 00.08.36.png

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