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Map your Tangent panel to control ANYTHING!

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Tangent are excited to announce the beta release of their Warp Engine. This allows the user to map any control, on any of their Tangent panels, to any application. This is done through assigning a script to a control which can be programmed to emulate mouse clicks, drags, and scrolls. The Warp Engine is built into, and programmed through, the Tangent Mapper.

Examples of typical use are:

  • Controlling applications that do not support Tangent panels. For example Avid Symphony.
  • Adding and remapping controls in applications that support Tangent panels but do not allow customisation of the map. For example, DaVinci Resolve. The fixed map is retained, but the user can jump in and out of it into their own custom map*.
  • Adding controls previously unavailable through the Tangent Mapper in applications that support Tangent panels and the Mapper. For example, Adobe Premier Pro.

* Applies to Element, Ripple, and the Element-Vs app with Resolve. For Wave and Wave2 with Resolve you can only create your own custom map.

Both Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.

This is a beta release and there will be more improvements to come, but we feel it works well enough to allows users to get the chance to try it out. Right now, the scripts assigned to the controls are typed into a text file, but one of the first features after the beta that we’ll be working towards is to make this simpler.

If you're interested in trying the Warp Engine then please join our beta program..

Here’s a short introduction video using the Warp Engine to add controls in Resolve:


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