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BlackMagic Pocket 4k Braw colour space transform and colour management settings

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      I'm working with Bmpcc4k Braw footage and my questions is. What is the settings for colour management and what are the settings for colour space transform. I want to be working in Davinci Wide Gamut.

My colour management my settings are, Colour science, Davinci YRBG

Timeline colour space, Davinci WG/ Intermediate 

Output colour space, Rec 709  Gamma 2.4

For my colour transform my settings are as followed,

Input colour space, Davinci Wide gamut

Input Gamma, Black magic Film Gen 4

Output colour space, Rec.709

Output gamma, Gamma 2.4

How does this all sounds? is there a better option. I want a nice starting point, I'm not after some crazy flat image with no contrast etc.


Thank you for your help and your time, much appreciated.



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