Teal - blockbuster film look , need help

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Dear All,

could someone guide me to material, courses, website, software anything that can help me with teal look.

i’ll write in nutshel here.

” to create teal look keeping skin intact”

what should i do.

[skin qualification i tried a lot, it is not working for me]

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Not sure what format you’re working in, but has a decent set of Teal/Orange Luts that can be dialed in while keeping the skin tones. 

I also second ravengrade. You can get really surgical with it on the proper notes. 

also, use a layer node when working with skin tones after the lut and make sure your image is balanced slightly on the warmer side with a sat/sat curve in the shadows. 

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One thing you can try:  use a Layer Mixer node to retain some of the fleshtones when you've introduced a lot of cyan (teal) in the picture. In truth, if the characters in a scene where in a teal-colored room, they wouldn't have perfectly natural skintone anyway, so the trick to me is to dial back the fleshtones so they aren't 100% natural, but maybe 50% there.

There are a zillion tutorials out there explaining how to use Layer Mixers to qualify colors in a specific area (like fleshtones). Be aware that some film sets don't allow opportunities for an orange/teal (split-tone) look, particularly when there's a background color too close to skintone. In other words, the decision for this kind of look has to happen prior to production so that sets and locations are compatible with the final color contrast the filmmakers want. The Color Warper might also be a tool to help eliminate magenta and green, giving you a better Orange/Teal split.

Be aware that it's possible to lean the shadows towards blue and highlights towards warmth without a lot of effort, provided the material is well-shot. The orange/teal look has existed for more than 20 years, long before Resolve and long before layer mixers were even available.

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