Clément Bouchet

what is the Mid gray value for Blackmagic Film Gen 5?

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Hi everyone,


I would like to check what is the mid gray value for the Blackmagic Film gen 5 value (log). I am making LUTs for a shoot and I want to be sure I set it properly.

I have been following Current Kelly creative color science masterclasses and his documentation says 0.466. (mid Grey Cheatsheet_CKC)

Blackmagic documentation says :

“Blackmagic Film Generation 5 encodes 10.27 stops above 18% grey. Middle (18%) grey is mapped to 0.3835616438356165”

you can find the doc once you have installed Resolve:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackmagic Design\Blackmagic RAW\Blackmagic RAW SDK\Documentation

What is the correct value? Do I not understand an important concept here? Something about the metric?

I am not talking about 10 or 12bits scales.

(I have been doing some tests with the 0.466 value and I have compared it with the Blackmagic Film Gen 5 Extended video LUT and it looked pretty good to me. I am sure I shot with the latest firmware, in GEN 5, and my project and raw files, I have shot myself with the latest camera firmware, are set up in GEN 5. I am building my LUTs in Fusion)


Thank you very much. 🙂



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