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Dado Valentic seminars

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I have watched a couple of the seminars with Dado and I just want to state my opinion on them. They are pure sale hallelujah meetings for a plug in this guy has made and I feel a bit angry that I have scheduled time to look at this nonsense. People in the chat asks questions about how to do this and that and you never get a qualified answer, it's more in the line of 'its not possible to get a great result with the built in color management system in Resolve, you need to get my plug-in'. Dado, if you see this: A big shame on you!

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I highly doubt both Dado's technical expertise and grading experience.
In my opinion, he is a good salesman but the stories about him being an award winning colorist and color scientist don't quite hold up.

There was a joke in a colorist meeting I attended where we would ask everyone coming in if they gave money to Dado. Most of them did :))

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I went to LA all the way from Malaysia, attended the class, not quite what I expected.

But I did get some nice knowledge out from the workshop, and plus, a nice plugin. 

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