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From RED to Alexa color transform

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I need to match some RED footage that is shot on Dragoncolor2/Redgamma4 with Alexa footage shot with the standard log2rec709 LUT. I transformed the RED footage to REDlog Film and Dragoncolor2 in the project settings to transform it to log. Is that a correct way to set it up before adding the color tranform node? If so, what are the correct settings?

Or should I not change the project settings (not transform the RED footage to log) and do the entire transformation in the transform node?

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Seems like things, I described in this post earlier, were fixed for almost all R3D footage with color charts, I have access to. May be something was fixed in debayering. I don't know.
Anyway, I decided to edit this post and erase, what I was writing here, as it makes no sense at this moment.

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I have a lot of shoots where I need to match few RED shots with Alexa footage. As mentioned by @Jussi Rovanperä I also got the best results with the new IPP2 Pipeline (REDWideGamutRGB/Log3G10). Most of the time I just eyeball it and that works pretty well but sometimes (when in a hurry) I also use the LUTs from TrueColor ( They are pretty well made and sometimes work really great. It's also great to have the option with their provided LUTs to go from RED to LogC or to "Alexa Rec709". (And no I'm not an affiliate or in any connection with them or something like that)

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