Suraj Shrestha

Is there someone who can explain me Kodak 5207 250D and Kodak 5219 500T film ??

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So, essentially you want to learn about film emulation?

There's a number of approaches to print film emulation that you can look at, and decide which works for you.

Some of these are ready-built LUTS or OFX plugins that are available for purchase. As an example, look at these links:

Dehancer Pro:

Mononodes: which also has a good primer on the various properties of film.

You can also build your own. I would have a look at some of the tutorial on Lowepost - One that comes to mind is this...



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Share on other sites by Lowepost is a collection of true film print emulations that I know is implemented in several high-end facilities that last year. Have used it myself on commercial work and it totally blows my mind.

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Thank you so much guys for  your compliment and suggestion . i apperciate your effort that you guys are there to help me out ..... but my curiosity is that i'm using must advance software "davinci resolve " so is there any method or techinque to create those film negative manually in resolve .

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by...

5 hours ago, Suraj Shrestha said:

..... but my curiosity is that i'm using must advance software "davinci resolve "

..but if you're saying that rather than paying for plugins or LUTs, you'd prefer to create your own, then did you try the 'Look Development and Workflow' link I mentioned?

Jason Bowdach goes into a lot of detail about using the built-in film emulation LUTs found in Resolve (both the free and Studio version).

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