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I'm looking into how automated colour grading is becoming more accessible and user friendly and whether you feel your role as a colourist will be needed in the near future when people can pay editors to do the same thing using presets etc that can achieve a similar look for a lower price.

If anybody would like to help here's a link to the survey!

Thank you!

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I tried to start taking this, but you really need to define what "automated colour grading" means here. Are you talking AI? LUTS? LUT based plugins?

This needs a lot more clarity before anyone will be able to give you any useful meaningful information.

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I think, there are only two ways for this. I mean, how to skip hiring a colorist.

1. All shooting on planet is in log. Everything is standardized. NLE apps work in linear gamma and some LMS colorspace, for example, the same as each particular camera do. NLE shares just basic controls like Temp, Tint, Exposure, Saturation, Contrast, Highlights Roll-off, etc. Everything is in linear gamma and LMS colorspace, so it's close to RAW settings. An editor just needs to apply some look LUT and then quickly adjust exposure and WB of all clips before the LUT or look preset. Since everything works mathematically correct, it's harder to ruin the footage colors. And no, Lumetri Color not even close to this. Placing Tint and Temp controls AFTER the 'log-to-rec + highlights roll-off LUTs' section - can someone to find a worse order of operations?

2. Neural Networks. ''Select all squares with street signs with cinematic film look. If there are none, click skip.'' 😃

But both options would be the best. AI decides how to adjust those basic parameters, I've mentioned above.

A human colorist is still needed to create look presets for the AI.

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