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Blackmagic pocket gen5 color space transform

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Hi guys,

I'm working on some blackmagic pocket 6k files and they were shoot in Color Generation 5. When i Grade i always use color space transform to convert the clip (usually rec.709 , or cineon gamma if i want to use a film print lut,)but it's the first time the i have have to work with gen 5. what do you guys use as input gamut and gamma?

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Input > WG Gen 4/5 & Film Gen 5

and for comparison
Output to WG Gen 4/5 & Extended Video is similar to the 'Gen 5 Extended Video Lut' from Blackmagic design
& Output to Rec 709 Gamma 2.4 is similar to the Normal 'Gen 5 Video Lut'

Gen 5 Extended Video LUT .JPGGen 5 Video LUT .JPG

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