Screen Replacement in After Effects & Mocha

Screen Replacement in After Effects & Mocha


In this course you will learn all the techniques you need to do a perfect screen replacement regardless of the difficulty level of the shot.
Instructor Lee Lanier will walk you through different approaches on a variety of screens with several challenges such as out of focus screens, hidden corners, motion blur, hands obscuring the screens, missing reflections and much more. These strategies will help you solve the most complex shots inside of After Effects & Mocha.

The footage and assets used in this course is available for download.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Finishing artists
  • Compositors


  • 01: Introduction
  • 02: Monitor A - Two point tracking
  • 03: Monitor A - Applying tracking data
  • 04: Monitor A - Chroma keying
  • 05: Monitor A - Final adjustments
  • 06: Monitor B - Corner pin tracking
  • 07: Monitor B - Applying corner data
  • 08: Monitor B - Final adjustments
  • 09: Phone A - Planar tracking
  • 10: Phone A - Chroma keying
  • 11: Phone A - Adjusting Mocha track
  • 12: Phone A - Integrating the screen
  • 13: Phone A - Animating the screen
  • 14: Phone B - Planar tracking
  • 15: Phone B - Importing Mocha tracks
  • 16: Phone B - Creating a luma mask
  • 17: Phone B - Creating a custom glow
  • 18: Phone B - Animating the screen
  • 19: Tablet - Using the Mocha brush
  • 20: Tablet - Adjusting the track
  • 21: Tablet - Applying the Mocha data
  • 22: Tablet - Chroma keying
  • 23: Tablet - Grading the new screen
  • 24: Tablet - Animating the screen


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Mocha is superior when it comes to screen replacements!

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