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We are proud to introduce the most in-depth DaVinci Resolve editing course available. This 6 hour long course is taught by the award winning editor and instructor Kevin McAuliffe, who works with clients such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and Walt Disney Studios and has been an advanced master trainer for Avid for many years

Kevin's advanced editing background and training experience makes this course a must-see for every editor that want to start editing in DaVinci Resolve.

The course content ranges from beginner to advanced and is the ultimate course for beginners and editors with background from the other major NLE's that are looking to transfer to DaVinci Resolve.

The footage and assets used in this course are available for download so that you can easily follow along.

About the instructor

Kevin P McAuliffe is an award winning editor and visual effects creator with over 20 years of teaching and training experience. Over the past years Kevin has delivered world-class work for clients such as Warner Bros, Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Elevation Pictures.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Editors with background from Avid Media Composer, Premiere and Final Cut
  • DaVinci Resolve users

Lessons overview

  • 00: Introduction
  • 01: Project Manager
  • 02: Keyboard customization & Preferences
  • 03: Organization outside of Resolve
  • 04: Intro to the Media Pool, Metadata, Smart Bins, Subclipping & Audio
  • 05: Importing, Organizing and Prepping Footage
  • 06: Organization via Facial Analysis
  • 07: Timeline Creation, Drag and Drop Editting and Audio Setup
  • 08: 3-point editing
  • 09: Timeline Basics
  • 10: Transitions
  • 11: Trimming
  • 12: The Inspector and basic keyframing
  • 13: Adjusting animations
  • 14: Working with Text
  • 15: Working with Audio in your Timeline
  • 16: Syncing Audio
  • 17: Cutting Montages & Editing without Picture
  • 18: Sending your Resolve Timelines to After Effects & ProTools
  • 19: Dealing with 5.1 audio
  • 20: Working with Motion Effects in your timeline
  • 21: Multicam Editing
  • 22: Dealing with Offline Media
  • 23: Working with Markers
  • 24: Adding Captions to your Edits
  • 25: Formatting for Social Media
  • 26: Creating DCP's - Resolve Studio
  • 27: Exporting
  • 28: Working in the Cut panel pt1
  • 29: Working in the Cut panel pt2
  • 30: Working in the Cut panel pt3


Software required

DaVinci Resolve

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User Feedback

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On 6/15/2019 at 6:55 PM, Willian Aleman said:

Thanks you for bringing these comprehensive and high quality series of Resolve 16 video tutorial as well as the previous series.

I have noticed that when the final exported file played back from Kevin’s desktop, -lesson L27: Exporting- it suffers from the same gamma shift syndrome that has been around for years in Resolve and other NLEs.  It’s about when the exported files look low contrast and desaturated compared to Resolve Viewer or the external video reference. This is regardless if the displays are matching the calibration to specific color space output of Resolve or not, or if Resolve Video Range in the Delivery page and/or other pages is set to Auto, Video or Full range.

 It would be helpful if a Lowepost could make a video tutorial addressing the possible cause and workaround on this repeated issue. 

Thanks once again for the excellent series.

This might help: https://vimeo.com/349868875

And here is the tool from the BBC mentioned in the video: https://github.com/bbc/qtff-parameter-editor

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Signed up after seeing the free course on Fusion by Kevin. What an excellent teacher. For me editing video is just a retirement hobby I've played some with Fusion in the last year and watched a number of videos on it as well, but until I saw Kevin's series .... I never fully got it. Same for three point editing. Thanks Kevin for the great courses!


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