Popular colorist tools

Popular colorist tools


C olorists are always looking for tools in addition to their main color grading software to get more done in a day, and to become more creative. It can be challenging to navigate in the jungle of tools and presets out there, but we have put together a list of some popular ones that are widely used by professional colorists.

We have also teamed up with several of the tool creators to give you some incredible discounts.




Price: €85+
Lowepost discount: 25%


Nobe Color Remap is a plugin that quickly remap hue and luma levels inside of DaVinci Resolve. This is an invaluable tool for colorists, and helps you achieve what usually takes a lot of steps in one single click. Colorists love this tool because of its clean results and precise controls.

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Price: $99
Lowepost discount: 30%

3D LUT Creator is a powerful color application that let you bend a grid to adjust saturation and hue. This is an extremely intuitive way to alter the color scheme of an image and can create some amazing results. 3D LUT Creator is also the go-to-tool for creating LUTs that can be imported into tools such as DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, After Effects, Avid and Premiere.

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Price: $80
Lowepost discount: 35%

PixelTools is a unique collection of PowerGrade presets for color grading within Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. A broad range of "looks", and one of the very few packages out there that are professionally made.

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Price: $117
Lowepost discount: 10%

Film Convert Film stock emulator is a popular add on for colorists and lets you add a wide range of film stock emulations to your footage to make a cinematic look.

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Price: $60/year+

Kollaborate is the ultimate cloud post-production workflow platform for video professionals. It allows you to setup rules to trigger automatic actions, the review and approval system is very powerful and it's very well integrated with the major NLEs.

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Price: $100
Lowepost discount: 15%

A great addition to the DaVinci Resolve internal scopes! Take your signal from your color corrector (or NLE) into the ScopeBox system for a faster and more accurate representation of your footage than the built-in scopes can offer. In addition to the Waveform, Vectorscope etc., you'll get access to features such as zebra stripes and focus assists. You can also apply LUTs, record video and add framing guides and overlays.

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Price: $30+
Lowepost discount: 30%

False Color plugin brings industry standard overlays found in numerous cameras and field monitors to your post environment for better exposure control and lighting ratios analysis. With Nobe Display plugin you can get an extra fullscreen preview right in DaVinci Resolve with no additional hardware. 

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Price: $650
Lowepost discount: 30%

Cinegrain is the number one grain provider for professional colorists and has been used on numerous of high-end features and commercials.  We have teamed up with them and put together The Lowepost Collection. This special collection is only available for Lowepost users and includes real 35mm, 16mm, 8mm film scans and 72 color presets at a reduced price.

The grain series works on all systems and the color presets works with Baselight, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, After Effects, Assimilate Scratch, Flame, Nuke, Premiere, Final Cut, etc., and any system that supports .cube, .3dl, or .ctl LUTs. The files can also be converted after download to suit any particular needs.

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Price: $19/month
Lowepost discount: 20%

Assimilate’s Play Pro is the most versatile camera format reference player in the industry. Quickly organize and play back clips of any format, including Apple ProRes RAW, Blackmagic RAW and the latest CUDA-accelerated RED RAW and output fullscreen through DisplayPort, or dedicated SDI video-io. Play Pro reads all metadata from the source clips and can export that as an ALE file. It also allows to transcode any footage to H264/H265 and Apple ProRes - on both, Windows and OSX.

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Price: $50
Lowepost discount: 15%

EditReady is the worlds fastest transcoding app.

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Price: $19/month+

Frame.io is the industry standard for video reviews. Get frame accurate feedback on your video, keep all the replies in one place and avoid long email threads. Now also included in DaVinci Resolve.

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Another recommendation for PixelTools: they did a terrific job at assembling together utilities, often-used nodes, and looks in one package. And unlike a LUT, they can be adjusted to work in any color space and camera format.

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