Look Creation in DaVinci Resolve

Look Creation in DaVinci Resolve


In this is course you will learn how to create creative looks inside of DaVinci Resolve! This is a work-in-progress course that we intend to add new lessons to in between our regular courses. We don't have a time estimate, but new lessons will be announced in our forums and Facebook group.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Colorists

Lessons overview

  • Lesson 01: Bleach Bypass
  • Lesson 02: The Spotify Look
  • Lesson 03: TBA
  • Lesson 04: TBA
  • Lesson 05: TBA
  • Lesson 06: TBA
  • Lesson 07: TBA
  • Lesson 08: TBA
  • Lesson 09: TBA
  • Lesson 10: TBA

Software required

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Hi all at Lowepost

Do you know when you may be adding to the 'Looks in Davinci Resolve' course.  Really useful to see how different people achieve their looks using the same tools.


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Would love to see other look creations although I’d be more interested in subtle looks as opposed to bleach bypass for example. For example picking a movie and try to define and replicate its look.

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