Look Creation in DaVinci Resolve

Look Creation in DaVinci Resolve


In this is course you will learn how to create creative looks inside of DaVinci Resolve! This is a work-in-progress course that we intend to add new lessons to in between our regular courses. We don't have a time estimate, but new lessons will be announced in our forums and Facebook group.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Colorists

Lessons overview

  • Lesson 01: Bleach Bypass
  • Lesson 02: The Spotify Look
  • Lesson 03: TBA
  • Lesson 04: TBA
  • Lesson 05: TBA
  • Lesson 06: TBA
  • Lesson 07: TBA
  • Lesson 08: TBA
  • Lesson 09: TBA
  • Lesson 10: TBA

Software required

  • Like 7